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Welcome to Talk Albuquerque, a page for fans of talk radio. There is a update page for all the latest news for AM talkers in Albquerque.

Talk Radio Links

1310 KKNS
ALbuquerque's Alternative Talk
770 KKOB
Albuquerque's 50,000 Watt Station
Radioactive Albuquerque
Hosted by Bryan Styble
Jim Villanucci
The Jim Villanucci Show
Philly Talk Radio
Talk Radio Fans in Philadelphia
Talkers Magazine
The trade magazine of talk radio
Michael Reagan
The Mike Reagan Show
Roger Fredinburg
The Roger Fredinburg Show
For The People
Chuck Harder
Neal Boortz
The Neal Boortz Show
Mike Gallagher
The Mike Gallagher Show
Alex Jones
The Alex Jones Show
Derry Brownfield
The Derry Brownfield Show
Michael Savage
The Paul Revere Society
Talk Radio Network
Talk Radio Network
Genesis Communication Network
Populist Talk Radio
Radio America Network
Conservative Talk Radio
WOR Radio Network
The Joey Reynolds Show
XM Radio
Pay Radio Service
Independent Wrestling Network
Albuquerque's Wrestling Show